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AHB FARMSOURCE is a commercial name.

Henriëtte Brussaard is an independent consultant on animal health business, providing services to animal health and feed industries, specially referred to the setup of business plans, marketing strategies, administrative proceedings, management of projects, translations and on any other complementary activity. Henriëtte Brussaard’s commercial activity is known under the commercial name AHB FARMSOURCE.

Hereinafter, any reference to Henriëtte Brussaard or AHB FARMSOURCE on this document will be expressed simply as AHB. This simplification does not imply waives of any right related to Henriëtte Brussaard.

The use and visit to this Website is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. The owner of this Site recommends to the User to read these Terms and Conditions carefully. User accepts these Terms and Conditions described herein under when using, visiting or surfing through this WebSite.


The words and expressions included within this Legal Notice will have the meaning described as follows:

Contents: All information, activities, products and services, offered by AHB or third parties through this Website.

Cookies: Group of characters stored at the hard disk or at the temporary memory of the user’s computer, upon accessing to certain Websites.

Link: Hypertext pointer used to jump from one information to another or from a Server to another when surfing at Internet.

Internet: Global telecommunications web which provides connexion between computers and information exchange between said computers, using software and communication protocols.

To Surf: To move through a computers net or through the World Wide Web or through the different WebSites and the pages which are part of the Sites, using links, hyperlinks or hypertexts.

Domain name: Code to identify a server connected to Internet with a name or URL.

Property: All creations of any kind (including collections and data bases) original or derived, collective or in cooperation, complex or independent, productions of any kind that would deserve the protection of a author right or similar or any other “sui generis” legal protection, as well as industrial creations such us inventions, distinctive signs, models, industrial draws and or artistic draws, expressed in any manner or platform, tangible or non-tangible, currently known or that would be invented in the future, according to the Intellectual property and Industrial property regulations.

WebPage: Information expressed in a digital format and placed at several places connected with the use of hypertext technology or hypergraphics, where it is possible to access through Internet.

Server: Information system (such us computer) which provides sources and connection to other computers through a net.

WebSite: Group of WebPages ordered and disposed under a Web address or URL.

User, Visitor or Surfer: Any person that would access to the Web Site or would surf at Internet.

Aim of the WebSite

This is an informative WebSite. It contains and publishes materials and contents created by AHB related to the pharmaceutical, veterinarian, animal feed or farming world. All the information, activities, products, services, documents will be indistinctly called the “Contents”

The Contents

The Contents published at this WebSite have a veterinarian, pharmaceutical and farming information character. However, Contents must not be considered at all any kind of advice or similar. AHB warns the Visitor that the Contents may not be updated and may not include the last scientific discovers, business tendencies and/or similar concepts. The information could be stored at this WebSite following statistical and historical criteria. AHB will have the right to update, delete and/or modify the Contents without previous notice.

To publish the Contents does not constitute an offer to render professional services by AHB. AHB highly recommends to the Visitor to obtain professional advice before using the information offered at the Contents.

Visitor is bind, accepts and acknowledges, to use correctly the Contents and to prevent its use against law, the moral, the public order or against these Terms and Conditions.


AHB will not be liable for any mistakes or omissions at the Contents of this WebSite or at any other WebSite where the Visitor can access through this one. AHB will either be liable for any act performed by the Visitor based on the information offered at this WebSite.

AHB will not be responsible, nor liable, of the contents, opinions and statements of third persons offered at their WebSites, neither of the information included within WebSites or Pages of third persons where the Visitor can access through this Site using its research motor or links.

About the Surfing

Attending that this is an informative WebSite, AHB will not be liable for any damages caused by the use of this WebSite.

Considering the current technical level of the Information Technologies, its wide use and the proliferation of non-respectful attitudes towards somebody else’s Sites, even permanently updating the protection of this WebSite, AHB may not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements that would cause damages or malfunctions to the Visitor’s system.

Consequently, AHB declines any liability for the damages that those elements could cause to the user or any third person.This WebSite does not use cookies nor any other application that permit to obtain of personal data without the individual’s consent. Without prejudice to the statements above, AHB will not be liable for any interruption on the service, delays, errors, malfunctions or any other inconveniences caused by the Visitor, acts of God or any other reason not caused directly by AHB.

Interruptions on the publish of this WebSite

AHB reserves its right to interrupt at any time and without previous notice the access to its WebSite, to any section of the Site, or to any other WebSite where the Visitor may access through this one; for technical reasons, security, control, maintenance, absence of electrical supply or any other reason, for a punctual or definitive interruption.

AHB does not guarantee at all the reliability, availability or continuity of its WebSite or the Contents, thus the Visitor will not be able to claim any liability to AHB for these reasons.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

© 2014. Henriëtte Brussaard. All rights reserved.

The Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights means all rights granted by law and Intellectual and Industrial’s regulations that may acknowledge the economical performance of these rights in any way, as well as any other right accepted by law, i.e.: the registration of the properties in order to obtain the correspondent legal protection.

All Contents included within this WebSite, despite if they are texts, pictures or images, files, trademarks, trade names or Companies’ names, logos, colour combinations accidental or not, designs; the selection, contain and presentation of the Contents and information offered at the Site; the software needed to access, surf, maintain and manage the Site; and any other element able to be protected by Intellectual and/or Industrial property regulations, are owned by Henriëtte Brussaard or by its respective owners or licensees.

Consequently, it is forbidden to reproduce (expect as for a private use), to transform, to distribute, to perform any public communication and any other manner of performance of the rights described, of all or part of the Contents of this WebSite, as well as of the design, alteration or change of the design or any materials. Visitor is bind to use this WebSite with scrupulous respect to the Intellectual and Industrial property Rights.

It is also forbidden to decompose, to decompile, to perform inverse engineering, to under license or to transfer in any way, to translate, to make derived works from the software or the Contents or to carry any activity protected by the Intellectual and Industrial regulations. Visitor must respect always the protection devices or security systems installed at this WebSite

Liability of the User, Visitor or Surfer

Visitor will be liable of all damages of any kind caused to AHB by the non-fulfilment of the obligations included at these Terms and Conditions of Use, or within the applicable Specific Terms and Conditions.