There was a time that the best that could happen to an employee was to stay his whole life till his retirement in one company and being promoted, if possible, at certain stages. Gradually, after the sixties, it became clear that it was very useful to change either to different departments inside large multinational companies or in case of smaller national companies, to another company. That certainly sped up the learning process. Now the stage has been reached that to work flexible is becoming a logical and desired choice; not only a way out of the deadlock.


More and more (young) people are working flexible because it is their preferred option. Companies start to see the necessity of renting temporary expertise. Employees are demanding more flexible working hours. The reason that this has become possible in this century, is the increasing use of and access to cheaper communication and informatics systems. The world has become the home office.


Will there be a time that everyone works flexible? Once all the social security matters, mortgage systems, etc. have been adapted? With other words will the evolution reach the stage of the ”Homo flexibilis” in the near future?


Inspiration source: NRC De Week ”Werken we straks allemaal flexibel?” by Petra de Koning and René Moerland

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