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Source: http://www.youris.com/Bioeconomy/Food/Feeding-Insects-To-Farmed-Animals.kl


Researchers from Europe and West Africa are now investigating whether feeding insects to farmed animals and fish in aquacultures is a safe and sustainable alternative to their current diet. They have been looking at the best techniques to produce insect larvae efficiently and economically.  For this, nutrition experts from the European research PROteINSECT (http://www.proteinsect.eu) are working together with the African group, to understand how this protein-rich feed could also be used by farmers in Europe. They are particularly interested in checking out whether there are any potential health issues. Are these insects good for the animals? And will they be fit for human consumption?


The research on these questions is on-going particularly now that the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)has been looking at this in detail. Just last week they issued a comprehensive scientific report assessing the potential risks and opportunities associated with feeding insects to farmed animals.

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